Why hackers want to hack your website

Recently, I had breakfast with a successful businessman. What he did not know is what Hackers are interested in. 

During breakfast, I told the businessman, the changes that need to be done on his company’s website and how I would execute it. He was happy with my insight.

I explained to him the importance of regular website maintenance, the importance of backing up your website and having security on it, and he said what most business people say. 

I do not need backup or security, we do not have anything special on our website, after all, we are a small business. So, if someone hacks our website they won’t take anything” 

This type of thinking is very dangerous and shows why hacking is on the increase. Let me explain why Hackers hack you and how you can protect yourself.

  1. Hackers hack small businesses as their training ground. They know small businesses are reluctant so they learn all the tricks on them so that they can go to the bigger boys.
  2. Hackers hack you to steal your information.
  3. Hackers hack you to claim some money, known as Ransom. This one is big, so let me explain. Once they get access to your website, they begin to write dirty stuff on your website. Imagine your clients reading an article on your website about how you murdered, raped, or kidnapped someone on your website. This will be all lies but because someone is reading it on your website assuming that you are the one who published it, they will believe it. This can be detrimental to your business! They strike where it hurts the most and then tell you to pay them a hefty amount of money for you to get your site back. As you might have heard, the Founder of Twitter was hacked last week and the hackers wrote dirty on his profile.

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This is where having regular maintenance and having a backup comes in handy, When that happens you just restore your backup files and remove the corrupted file. You will not pay all the money for ransom and you will save yourself from the embarrassment. 

The truth is, every website is hackable, even the FBI can be hacked. No one is immune. But having an expert in your corner, having regular website maintenance, security and backup can save your life and your company a lot. 

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