This question might sound simple but it is here to rescue many entrepreneurs. Whether you work for someone or you run your business, the truth is, you do not pay your own bills. Your customer does.

“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages”. ~ Henry Ford

Most entrepreneurs think that they are the ones who pay the bills. So if the business needs something important, and they receive that quotation they think “we do not have the money or it is expensive” this type of thinking stagnant’s your business.

Successful businesses on the other hand know this very well, if their supplies are expensive, they just adjust their prices and the customer pays. Increasing your prices does not mean that you are unscrupulous but it means that you need to improve your services or products for your customers.

I am a web consultant, i help businesses with digital marketing, strategy, User experience (UX), website design and other related services. A potential client contacted me the other day and said:

“My website is not getting any traffic, it is beautiful, but since i launched it until now, there is nothing. No phone call, no nothing, what can i do?”

I listened attentively, and said “let me inspect it”. After running some tests i came back with feedback and gave him an affordable quotation. He said he does not have the money but he will get back to me. That was the end of it. Untill today.

This is the difference that i saw between successful businesses and survivalists. Successful businesses are not worried about the quotation or how much they are charged because they know that they are not the ones who pay for it. They are worried about what they get, the quality of the service they get from the quotation. Whilst survivalists worry about the monetary value of the service they will never enjoy success because they think they are the ones who pay, so they get mediocre service and mediocre customers and their business remains mediocre until it’s shut down.

Truth be told, whether the quotation is big or small your business is not going to pay for either of the two. it is the customer who pays and customers pay for what they get. If they want quality products or service they pay for it, if they want mediocre service they pay for it too.

I am not saying you must overprice your products or services. NO!

In my experience, i have learned that, most businesses would rather be survivalists until they close the business than to pay an expert who can make them rich. Running an online business is hard work and you need strategy. It is not about just having a website. There is more. That’s where i come in, I help businesses with digital marketing strategy, Website developing, SEO and many more.

Now that we know that it is the customer who pays and customers pay for what they want to get. Its time to take your business to another level. Let me help you with digital marketing, Wesite design, SEO, strategy, User Experience and more.

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