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In this post i am going to talk about the tools to run a successful business.

Running an online business is getting harder and harder. With almost 2 billion websites on the web how do you compete? Whether you run a classifieds website like Renticious or you run your own show like me the landscape is the same.

Whoever says it’s easy does not know what he is talking about. Running a successful online business demands knowledge and understanding than before. Read mistakes Entrepreneurs make

I have listed some tools to run a successful business below. Some are popular, some will thrill you. These tools to run a successful business are not new but they carry the correct DNA of real success. There are more tools on the market but today i will share only 5 with you.

In no particular order

1. Email List

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They say the money is in the list. If you dont have an email list you are out of the game. Start building one today. I also have some killer tips on how to build a profitable email list. The tips are available on a consultation basis for only R150 but because of the demand and the success stories that my clients tell me i am thinking of developing them into a course.

2. Create Quality content.

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Bill Gates once said “Content is king”. He was absolutely right! Even the greatest of products cannot sell if you cannot create content. That is why copywriters are paid good money without negotiations. You can never learn enough of content creation. Google loves content. If you are creating content on your blog, Google will rank you higher and higher, thus high traffic and high revenue. If you don’t have a blog, setup one today and get a course or hire someone to manage it for you.

3. Google Analytics

Smartphone displaying google analytics.

How do you market to someone you do not know? Academically, I have a Distinction in Marketing and I can tell you that, if you don’t know your customer, what he/she does 24/7, from the moment they wake up till they wake up again, you can never market to them. Google analytics is a great way to do just that. It is free and there is no close competitor. Install it, use it on your App or website. But most people have it but they do not know how to use the data. They are clueless and I am thinking of making a free video about it. So I will let you know when the video is ready.

4. Use Social Media wisely

Smartphone with Facebook login page

If you are reading this mail, you probably met me for the 1st time on social media. Or you found this post via social media. Your customers must meet you there too. Social media is the fastest way to reach people, drive traffic and grab the jackpot. Never use social media for fun. Use it wisely and you will be rich.

5. Have a CRM system.

CRM Blocks

Most business owners spend time browsing and tweaking their websites. Listen to me carefully. Your website is for your customers not you, your website is your customer’s playing ground. Your playing ground is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. You must spend your time there, understanding your customers. There are a lot of CRM systems that are available for free. You need to integrate it with your website such that when your web visitors enter their details on your website, their details are automatically entered into your CRM. I wish I had more time to talk about CRM and how important they are for any business.


These tools to run a successful business are powerful and i guarantee you success if you use them correctly. Even large corporations depend heavily on these tools so do not take them for granted. The list is endless, but I will continue some other time. I want to know what you think. Are you already using the above tools? Tell us your success story or question in the comments below.


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