We all want to be rich and successful but how many are willing to pay the price? Entrepreneurship is as expensive as relationships these days.

Believe not in your dreams but more in your abilities for life will bring you difficulties. Entrepreneurship has no lovely memories. It’s a struggle every day. There’s more to entrepreneurship than opening a company I believe it’s a calling not everybody can understand its ways. Broken families. Broken spirits. Broken pockets from broken dreams.

But today is another day, lift up your soul to your higher purpose. You are not alone on this journey there’ll always be your fear from within to hear your screams. Wake up and follow your stream.

Remember life is what happens in between your plans. You never can spell families without lies you need a support base if you plan on making your life into cream. Cash rules everything around me! It’s not a religion. It’s not a superstition. Entrepreneurship needs you to be resolute in your resolve but you got to have a lover who is supportive of you. So many dark nights ahead.

Sometime you’ll wake up thinking you’re better of dead.

But when your purpose is greater than your fears and your offering better than the competition you’ll find a solution that leaves you with one resolution. ‘I am the greatest version of myself than I was yesterday.’

The Baptist!


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