I do not know of another way to tell the truth except to just say it. Have you re imagined your business yet? Let’s take for example Dineo, a lady who does guitar lessons.

If she was doing it the 19old way she would need to find a venue and pay rent for it, her clients would be limited by location. If she stays in a poor community, then her business will never take off. Every day she will have to go for lessons, whether it is raining or windy. The list goes on and on. But let’s look at her new business model.

Dineo finds a good web designer and digital marketer. A website is designed for her at a once off fee. She receives payments from her students via her website so she just sees the bank notifications on her phone. She doesn’t have to go anywhere because she is now executing lessons in the comfort of her home. Wow! Instead of doing lessons every day, she just creates videos and upload them on her website via YouTube. 
Her students like it because they can watch the videos over and over. The students are also learning from anywhere in the world.

Dineo is happy and free because she only records all the lessons once a week and split them. Her students get one on one attention because they ask questions via email and she responds via email and other online tools or she creates a supplementary video.

Dineo is amazed at the amount of growth because she is attracting students from all over the country and beyond borders. Everything is organized within the website. So, beginners can just start from scratch without interrupting the senior class. The lady is getting better and better because she always watches her videos to sharpen her skills. As soon as the students finish the course a certificate is automatically sent via email.

…………Oh Dineo…….

Without any doubt Dineo is making more money than before. Some of you have great ideas or you want more money, freedom and to wow your clients. Consider having an online business model. You only need to be curious. You do not need to be technical or be an IT expert, you only need to find a great web developer and digital marketer and let them do their best. But find good ones. Follow Dineo’s footsteps.

I am a web designer and digital marketer. What do you do? Are you a teacher, lawyer, builder, mechanic, actor or you are looking for something to do? What is your business? Have you re imagined your business model yet? Share your success story, fears and all about online business models. Shout out to all the Dineo’s out there and happy valentine to all the Dineo’s as well.

Let’s talk. Share with your friends.

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