The internet has opened new ways of working. One that I like is to work with Virtual Assistants. These people are powerful and can do wonders for your business.

Virtual Assistants are people who work remotely or in a different location performing tasks that you want them to perform. These people can literally do anything, from social media management, attorney to managing your full business. Their prices vary from person to person, so as their experience. 

I personally have VA’s on my team. You might think I work alone. No, I have VA’s on my team. Advantages are, it is cheaper to hire a VA than to hire people in-house. It is easier to manage VA’s than to manage people who are in office. You will have fewer admin expenses because you will cut your rent and other office admin costs. 

VA’s can help you to penetrate in other markets or to draw talent in other countries. At some point, my twitter was managed by a brilliant guy in Nigeria. 

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I interact with Virtual assistants from India, Philippine and other countries because they might possess a special skill that is rare or expensive in Mzansi. You need to open your mind in this world of entrepreneurship. 
My VA’s are brilliant people and I hire people who do what I cannot do or who do what I do not like. You must do the same as well.

But here is the soup:

I am a VA too. Yes, I am. I help businesses with digital marketing and web designing. My clients are all over the place and they hire me because I like to work remotely not in-house. 

Trust issues

If you have trust issues you better stop entrepreneurship. This is a game of trust. The idea of thinking that everyone is a scam is dangerous. For me, I never met all the VA’s that I worked with, but I pay them. Most of them I pay before they even start the job and I never lost any money. 

You must have contracts in place to work professionally with virtual assistants.

Trust is key. You have to learn to trust people before you are trusted. For example, hiring a good Facebook manager can cost you, say R400 a month and they might want cash upfront. What do you see? Do you see a scam or a growing Facebook page? I see a growing Page and never look at a scam. I know scammers are there but there are very little and you also have to do due diligence before you hire. 


VA’s can scale your business at a lower cost. You can hire brilliant people from any place or country. They can help you to penetrate a geographic market. Trust is key when working with VA’s. Have due diligence when hiring. Be open-minded and let your mind go wild. I am a VA as well. I do digital marketing and web designing for businesses. 

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