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Scammers have made it difficult for us to trade. It is close to impossible for a potential client to trust you, even if it means selling your soul to them. I know this because even after signing a contract, seeing your portfolio, and doing all due diligence it remained a challenge for potential clients to release funds for the project to commence.

That is now changing.

Safety is always a value that can not be separated from web development and digital marketing services. Therefore, I was always working behind the scenes to find a proper solution where trust can be established and where the potential client and I the web developer feel safe when working on a project. I found a solution that is super, safe and efficient for both parties. The solution is Escrow. 

As a service provider, I need the assurance that the client has the money for the services I am rendering. Consequently, the client also needs the assurance that they will not be scammed and they will get what they are paying for. That is where Escrow comes in. It brings trust between strangers. You work hard for your money and you should not lose it to a scammer or any one thereof.

So next time when you want a website, digital marketing, consultation, graphic design services or any service thereof, you must feel free to work with me because you will get what you pay for and you will not be scammed. That is guaranteed.

Here is how escrow services work 

  1. I create a transaction and send you a service agreement, you sign it before you pay. 
  2. You pay your money through a third-party registered financial institution for safekeeping. (TRADESAFE) They hold your money until I complete your service.
  3. The escrow service company (TRADESAFE), release the funds to me when you are satisfied with the service.

Its a win, win situation. Everybody safe and happy.

The system is safe and stress-free. Should you need more information about the third-party service that we use for escrow services please click here.

 No more worries, Now you can rest assured knowing that you get what you pay for. Scam free. Tell your friends.


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