How to stay organized when you are busy

In this guide, we are going to learn how to stay organized when you are busy. As a Web designer and Digital Marketer, I get busy sometimes but I know i am not the only one who gets busy. So………..

Let’s face it, there are those days where you are laid back, relaxed and not under pressure. You will be doing things at your own pace. Then there are those days that you get really busy, and I mean really busy. Phone calls, quotations, deadlines, big projects, trivial things, managing staff. Everything just becomes hectic. Those are days that you can sleep in the office (Only if you are not married).

But how do you stay organized to stay on top of your game?

Your clients and customers do not care how busy you are or if one of your staff members is absent. All they want are the services and products that you promised to deliver.

In no particular order here are tips on how to stay organized when you are busy.

Automate everything

In this day and age, it still surprises me how certain businesses are run. They still manually do things. You have to monitor all the repetitive tasks that are in your business processes and automate them.

Be it invoicing, Managing your social media, managing your staff, managing your projects or anything in particular. Of course, there are some tasks that can not be automated but take advantage of those that can be automated so that you stay organized when you are busy

You can schedule a meeting with me to discuss how you can automate your business and do more with less.

Schedule Everything

The rule of thumb is never to start a week that is not scheduled. Decide on a day to schedule your week, month or quarter. With free tools like google calendar, you can schedule your work including the trivial issues like collecting your kids from creche or calling a client at a specific time.

I like to schedule my week on Monday first thing when I get into office. I would rather take 30 minutes to an hour thinking through how my week will look like and what I want to accomplish that week than to just do things without a scheduled plan because I end up wasting time.

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If something is not scheduled, it is not important. So, use that reminder and alarm on your phone as hard as you can, after all, it is free.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Learn to say No

I am tone apart by people who accept everything. They think that if they say no then they will lose clients or they will lose friends. This type of thinking has scarcity syndrome.

Learn to say no to ridiculous deadlines. Say no to people who want to visit you when you are busy. It is better to say no than to say yes and fail to deliver. It is better to say no to a friend or colleague who wants to visit you during your busy hours than to say yes and give them your divided attention.

Saying No means you are in charge and in control of your game. Most clients, colleagues, and friends will respect you for saying no, It shows integrity. 

Seek help early

If you know that you will be busy in some days to come it is better to hire someone on time to help you with some tasks in your business. Sometimes it means hiring VA’s or hiring more staff.

Do not run around like a chicken without a head when all wheels are falling off. Do not wait for deadlines to arrive for you to start looking for help. It is always important to keep contacts and CV’s of people that you think might be helpful in the future. That is how to stay organized when you are busy.


This one is almost similar to the tip above but it is a little bit advanced.

Your competitors are not just there for you to fight with, there are also there to relief you with an overflow of work. Rather, see them as companions It is better sometimes to just pass over some work to someone or company that is experienced and has a track record.

Find a freelancer who can help you with certain tasks.

Do not try to do it all by yourself. Delegate some tasks to some of your team members and trust that they will get the job done. Give them the authority to finalize things so that you do not keep yourself busy again by trying to monitor their progress.

Was this helpful? I would like to know how you stay organized when you are busy. Share in the comments below. 

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