How to Open a US Bank Account As a Non Resident For Free [Earn $25 Cashback] Payoneer Step by Step Guide

How to open a us bank account for free

In this post, I am going to show you how to open a US bank account for free as a non resident and get paid $25 without leaving your house. Yes, you heard me right, You will get paid $25.

The United States of America is the world’s largest economy with a 2019 GDP of approximately, 21,5 Trillion Dollars. These figures present a lot of opportunities for a lot of people around the globe. Making the United States more attractive. 

However, the attractiveness of the United States will not matter much if you do not have a US bank account. As you will not be able to do business efficiently. I Know there is Paypal but unfortunately, it is still not supported in many countries. 

That is why it is important to open a US bank account. Now let me show you how to open a US Bank account step by step for free. 

All you need is Payoneer. 

Payoneer Us Bank account

Whether you are a freelancer or an established business Payoneer is the easiest way to open a US Bank account. This for sure will open global doors for your business.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a quick and easy solution to receiving payments worldwide. Established in 2005, Payoneer provides cross-border transactions in over 200 countries and more than 150 local currencies. 

If you sign up for Payoneer you will get a prepaid Mastercard Debit card that allows you to withdraw money from any ATM anywhere in the world or make online payments. 

Here is the Good news. Not only will you get a US Bank account but a UK bank account, Euro bank account, Canadian bank account, Japanese Bank account all in one. Yes, you get bank accounts of those territories for free by simply signing up for a Payoneer bank account. 

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With over 4 Million users worldwide, Payoneer allows you to receive payments as you would in your local bank account. With a dedicated US account number and routing number, you’ll pay and get paid like a local. You will avoid poor exchange rates and you open your bank account online from the comfort of your home, wherever you are.  

Who can open a US Bank account with Payoneer?

Anyone above 18 years of age with a government-issued Identification document like an ID, Passport or Drivers license and a proof of address can open a Payoneer US bank account for free

Whether you are a freelancer who wants to work on international marketplaces like Upwork or Fiver or you want to rent out your house on Airbnb or Homeaway or you want to sell your products on Amazon and other affiliate marketing networks, Payoneer is the right place for you. 

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How to open a US Bank account Step by step?

Now that you have your government-issued identification document from your country and your proof of address. Here is the step by step process of how to open a US Bank account for free as a non resident. I must say this, It is easy to open a Payoneer bank account than it is to open a local bank account in some countries. The signup process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Click here to begin. You should land on a page with a button for you to sign up and earn $25, as seen in the picture below. Click that button. 

Earn $25 for opening a Payoneer US Bank account

Click Individual. Then enter your First name, Last name, email address and your date of birth. Then click next.

Getting started to open a us bank account

Enter your address and mobile number then click Send Code. You will then receive a verification code via SMS. Insert the code in the relevant field, then click Next.

Contact details to open a us bank account

Type your password, Security question, Issuing country and then choose your identification method. Enter the relevant details that correspond with the method that you chose between ID, Passport or Drivers license. Enter the captcha code displayed below and click Next. (Make sure all the details are correct)

Enter your ID number

Enter your Local bank details correctly. Read and tick the terms and conditions buttons and then click Next. After that, you are redirected to a congratulations page. 

Enter your bank account details

An email will be sent to upload your Identification documents. 

Congratulations page


Make sure your documents are legible enough to avoid delays. 

Upload your documents and wait for Payoneer’s response. When the bank account is approved you are automatically eligible to receive a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard debit card to your address. Yes, Payoneer will ship the card to you for free. 

Congratulations, you now have an official US Bank account with a Debit card that you can use anywhere in the world. 

What are the fees involved with Payoneer? 

Just like any other bank, Payoneer has monthly and annual fees. However, Payoneer’s fees are way cheaper than most traditional banks. For a full list of the Payoneer fees click here and then scroll down to the footer and click fees. 


Payoneer is such a beneficial platform to more than 4 million people around the world. The fact that you can open a US bank account and other bank accounts of other countries for free and earn $25 when you receive a thousand US Dollars in your bank account is a goldmine for many people. 

Billions of people still do not have bank accounts across the world but Payoneer allows people like you and me, from all walks of life to have multiple bank accounts. With Payoneer, the world becomes your home as you are able to work, sell and earn from many countries since Payoneer can give you more bank accounts from other countries when you want them.

Bookmark this post, share it, save it to your notes, do something about it so that you can always come back to it anytime to open your US Bank account for free.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I will be glad to know if this was helpful.

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