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Expert advice is important when running a business. It is more important than the business itself. But most small business do not even care about it, they just do their thing. Isn’t it the reason why they remain small? Read mistakes small businesses make Food for thought……….

While big businesses on the other hand do not do a thing without the help of experts. Regardless of the title the experts carry, some are called consultants, strategists, specialists, or just professionals. The power is not in the title but in their knowledge and deep insight.

Expert advice case study

Before I bought my car back then, I called someone I considered an expert. He had bought a couple of cars from different people and sold them to different people as well, he was not a car dealer but someone who buys a car, use it for a certain time, sell it and buy another one. You know what I mean?

He gave me all the info I needed and all the info I didn’t want. The phone call lasted for about 10 minutes but I was fully furnished in those 10 minutes. I felt confident and I knew what to do and how to spot red flags. I contacted the car owner, long story short, the deal went smooth and the car owner never knew that I had never owned a car, because I asked her tough questions. I got the car way cheaper with a 40 % discount. Surprised?

That is right 40% discount!

I took an EXPERT driver to go fetch the car with me, I gave him the steering wheel and he drove the car home. He spotted a problem on our way home and we knew how to fix it. The rest is history, the car was super and everything went well.

But I am not talking about cars here.

I am talking about experts. If I was like most small businesses, I would pretend as if I know about cars. I would be zealous to have the first drive on my first car and never allow anyone to drive the car before me.

Who do you consult for expert advice? My brother bought a car from Johannesburg for a large amount of money only to drive the car for less than 100km in Limpopo. After that, the car gave him lots of problems, the former car owner is nowhere to be found, what is the difference? The difference is not the car owners but expert advice. My brother never consulted anyone, he just heard that there Is a cheap car and went for it.

In business we are faced with many decisions to make, be it growth decisions or decisions to downsize. When we do not have someone experienced in our corner we are more likely to take decisions based on gut feeling, emotions and guess work. That is deadly for business. Business is complex and real. It is not trial and error.

Where to get expert advice?

There is no formula to get expert advice. However, there are a lot of places to get it, some will cost us. Or should I say expert advice costs. Even if it is labelled free but there is a cost attached to it. If you want to be successful in business you should not be so much excited by free things. But lets start with the free version of expert advice.

Free expert advice

Not all times should you pull your wallet to get expert advice. Sometimes the knowledge is sitting in your friend’s brain, just ask them and they will start pouring it to you. But you have to ask first. Do not pretend as if you know. Instead show them that you do not know and you are depending on their advice, you will be surprised at how much they want to help you.

But you have to ask the right people. Do not go around asking anyone in the street, you will be misled and you will regret it for the rest of your life. What I am saying is, do not ask for legal advice from a Doctor. Okay. Ask from the right people. If you need legal advice, go ask it from a lawyer, if you need financial advice, a traffic cop is of no use. If you need digital marketing advice you can get it from me because that is what I do.

Pay for coffee or Lunch.

Expert advice

Food is delicious but it makes us talk. If you see someone quite, just give them food, the first word they say is thank you. They are already talking right! That’s food, that is its nature. Take the expert out for lunch and ask them for advice. They will give you all the expert advice and that might save you a lot of money compared to hiring a consultant. If they don’t tell you the first time, take them for lunch again another day until they give you the expert advice that you are dying for.

Pay the highest price.

The problem with asking for advice from friends and people around you is, they might not tell you all the truth. They might tell you a one sided story of things because they do not want you to feel bad. Also sometimes you might not know people with the expertise that you are looking for so you just have to pay for it.

I know of a man who hired experts and paid them lots of money. Some of the experts he hired and gave them salaries three times higher than his own. The experts were the highest paid workers on his company, not (him) the owner. He even went to an extent of giving some of them his personal car while he walks on foot to work. Today he is one of Africa’s richest man, he is Zimbabwe’s richest man. I am talking about my mentor Strive Masiyiwa.

Expert advice is not an expense but an investment on your balance sheet. Pay for it you will be successful. You will be surprised how much big companies pay just to get advice. The question is, do big businesses get advice because they have money or they make money because they get expert advice? What do you think?


We all need each other. We all need expert advice at some point, but where you get it is very important. Web designing and digital marketing is my field of expertise, I do consultation for that. I help small businesses to succeed online. If you can’t get help from your friends and family about how to take your business further I am available to be of help and you can just book me. But I know you might need help in other functions of your business, consider consulting some experts, regardless of how much it might cost you.

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