Entrepreneurs miserable life.

They find a cheap web designer who wants to pocket a few Rands, the web designer designs the website and that’s it. He is done. After that the website does not bring any cent (Dololo). Month after month the entrepreneur is charged for hosting but no results. Some will design the website on their own in order to save money (good idea for saving money but bad idea for bringing in money)

I know all this because i have been there and i help such entrepreneurs nearly everyday. The most funny ones are those who ask me for a quotation then they disappear and tell me later that they got someone cheaper for R450, R500 or whatever the price. They come back after a few months begging for my service, blaming their former designer for all the loss and for not obtaining revenue on the website. Now it will be costly for them.

There is a lot to running a successful online business than having a website designed. That’s where i come in. I listen to your business needs, your business model, I study your industry, your competitors, the demographics of your target market and all the relevant data then i develop a cutting edge professional website, maintain it and monitor growth. I study your website data in order to innovate and target your customers better. I am results driven and i love entrepreneurs because i am also an entrepreneur. 
If you have made up your mind and you need a real online business consider calling or Whatsapp 0762171041 but no time wasters! I need people who have made up their mind not entertainment.

Some of the services that i provide for seperate prices are: Logo design, Graphic design, SEO, CRM integration, Payment gateway integration, Google analytics, Google Adsense, Email marketing integration, Blogging, Blogging tutorials, API key setup, Web security and website upgrades, Web consultation and advice and all things online. If you are not happy with the current results, then lets talk.

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