Die for your dream

Die for your dreams or kill your dreams. Which one will you choose?

I rarely watch TV and if I do, i watch business channels. After all I am an entrepreneur, web designer and digital marketer so I have to. As I was planning and posting my facebook posts for the day, my 3-year-old child switched on the TV to SABC 1. You know today’s kids!

He was doing his thing. Within a moment, I heard the chorus “Ngizofela amaphupho ami”, translated in English “I will die for my dreams”. I tried to ignore the song so that I can focus on the business of the day, but I couldn’t. The chorus was resonating with my soul in a way that Inspired this post.

As someone who work with entrepreneurs every day and i love them, I thought the song must be a chorus for every entrepreneur, “I will die for my dreams”. I checked the name of the TV program, it was Mzansi Insider. I stopped doing what I was busy with and It turned out the song was sang by Gigi Lamayne.

Die for your dream

How many times do we face challenges in life? Many. But do you keep pursuing your dreams in such times or you just quit and go with the flow?

What is your dream by the way? Answer it to yourself, do not tell me. Are you living your dream at the moment? If you are not living it, you should be pursuing it. Your dream is what give your life meaning. A life without dreams is not life at all. I cringe when I see young people without dreams. They are just living and waiting to die.

The cheapest thing to ever do is to dream but how can you die for a dream that is not there?


Live for it

Everything about you should be about your dreams. If your dream is to feed poor children, then your savings should be focused on that. What you watch on TV or any platform should revolve around that dream. Anyone who come close to you must have a sense of your dreams. Everything about you should be focused on your dream.

A former Malawian soldier told me something that will live in my heart. Here is what he said “A life not worth dying for is not worth living for”. Like Gigi said in the song. Die for your dream.

Understand what your dream is

Before you die for your dream you need to understand what the dream is? How clear are you towards your dream? Saying, I will win a business award someday is not clear enough. Therefore, it is a good idea not a good dream. A good dream has all the specifics. Like, “I will win the influential business man award of the year in 2025 from the United Nations”, is clear enough. You can leave for it and you can die for it. Clarity is power!

Be comfortable with being called crazy

If your dream does not scare you, then it is not big enough. Let people, including your family members call you crazy. I work with entrepreneurs and I am inspired with those with crazy dreams. They come to me to create websites of crazy concepts. Those with the craziest dreams are the ones who will go a long way. Be ready for ups and downs but never be ready to leave your dream, Die for your dream.

Take the risk.

Having a dream but never pursuing it, is as good as not having one. You have to go out in the rain. I do not trust people who want a lot of security. In the path of pursuing your dream you should be prepared for anything. Take risk. The only comfort I have found in life is when I am taking risk.

I am not comfortable with a comfortable life. Risk should be your comfort, if you want to achieve your dreams. You need to die for your dream.

You can never achieve a thing if you are in your comfort zone. But hear me clearly, I am not saying be stupid! As the Nigerians say, “My Broda, do not be stupid wooo”. Take risk and die for your dream.


What is your dream? Keep it safe. Go die for your dream. Gigi was right, you need to die for your dreams. I will be glad to know where you are with your dreams. Are you pursuing Your dreams? Share in the comments box.

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