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I am an Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Web Designer and Digital Marketer.

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Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy. For lives to be changed particularly in Africa, we need more of them. But i have realized that most entrepreneurs are still stuck in the 1900 business models and they are clueless about the new industrial revolution. What do you do with such a dilemma? You role your sleeves, heads down and get stuck in, until something positive happens.

I have committed my life to helping entrepreneurs especially those who are regarded as “crazy” by the society. Because i am crazy too. I understand their language, their frustrations and what they need to succeed. 

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 8. My mother instilled it into me. Before or after school, she would give me some things to sell around the neighborhood. We were not poor so i was shy about it. My dad was an auditor, in the auditor general’s office and my mum was a fashion designer. Scratch that. She was an entrepreneur. She had multiple sources of income. I can not talk of my entrepreneurial journey and not talk of my mother, the 2 are inseparable. 

I sold everything from food to anything that was around my mother, until i started enjoying it. Ever since that time, the art of selling comes natural to me and i do it without thinking. My mother taught me how to design clothes and other garments for export when i was in grade 7. I understood, foreign markets back then. I enjoy entrepreneurship and i believe that it is my calling. I started many businesses along the way. 

Later on i realized that passion without education is not enough, even though i was in the business world already, i decided to enroll for a business class and i did. I enrolled at the University of South Africa (UNISA)  for Business management. 

I do not think that i am a tech guy as some want to call me. I am a business guy. My operating system is business. i see things through a business lens. I never thought i will end up in the technology space, My interest for Technology grew larger and larger nearly everyday and i decided to pay attention to where my passion was drifting to. I did some courses via the Universty of Western Cape (UWC) and other online programs just to enlarge my skills. Even though i have a little bit of formal education, i am proud to say that most of my skills are self taught.

My skills are a blend of business and Technology. My clients enjoy the deep insight i have, not only for web services but for business as a whole and combining the two into profitable business models.


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